Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week Ending 7 March, 2014

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 7 March 2014

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet
Tibetan Monk Detained Over Banned Cell-Phone Content - RFA
6 March | Lobsang Choejor, a senior monk of Drongsar monastery in Chamdo’s Pashoe county, was taken into custody on March 4 after police “conducted a raid and searched his room”.

Tibetan Monk Dies After Being Severely Beaten in Detention - RFA
5 March | Tashi Paljor, a Tibetan monk, was detained last week by Chinese police on suspicion of possessing politically sensitive writings. He has died after being severely beaten in custody.

Spanish Socialists commit to defense of universal justice after controversial ruling due to pressure from China - ICT
6 March | Soraya Rodriguez has announced in Madrid that the opposition Socialist Party will appeal to the Constitutional Court against the recent legislative move in Spain to limit the power of the judiciary to investigate and prosecute serious crimes under international law.

The Dalai Lama leads Senate in prayer - Yahoo News
6 March | For the first time, HH Dalai Lama led the United States Senate prayers.

How China keeps tabs on Tibetan exiles - Newsweek
5 March | Jeff Stein investigates how Chinese spies utilize digital technology and other surveillance methods to track the activities of Tibetan activists and supporters.

Let Dalai Lama return, says chief Tibet communist - The Times
5 March | Phunwang’s book, A Long Way to Equality and Unity, is timed to coincide with the opening of Xi Jinping’s first parliament as China’s President, but comes after a weekend atrocity in the southwestern city of Kunming that killed 29 people and has brought the country’s ethnic friction into horrifying focus.

10 March Uprising 2014- International Tibet Network
5 March | An interactive map listing 10th March Tibetan Uprising Day events around the world, with a countdown clock and event submission form.

Opinion and Analysis
After 3/1: The Dangers of China’s Ethnic Divide - The New Yorker
3 March | Evan Osnos writes, “Acts of such spectacular violence exert unpredictable forces on the public and on the leaders who are charged with protecting it, transforming judgments of when and how to use force and decisions about what can be sacrificed in the name of security, as well as the definitions of citizenship, patriotism, and innocence.”

Tibet’s Enduring Defiance - New York Times
2 March | Woeser writes, "Why would anyone choose to commit suicide by having every inch of his body charred? This question holds the key to the driving force behind these desperate acts: Self-immolators seek to protest in the most extraordinary manner by suffering what ordinary people could not possibly bear."

Xi Jinping consolidates power and stabilizes China - Washington Post
1 March | David Ignatius writes, “Since taking over as party chief in November 2012 and as president last March, Xi has transformed what was a colorless collective leadership into an aggressive instrument of control and reform.”

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