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Week Ending Februrary 28, 2014

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 28 February 2014

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet
U.S. State Department finds “severe” repression in Tibet, targeting of friends and relatives of self-immolators - ICT
27 February | The Tibet section of the 2013 Human Rights Report provides a comprehensive account of human rights abuses suffered by Tibetans under a widespread crackdown imposed by Chinese policies and accelerated in the year since Xi Jinping became President.

Tibetan Prisoner Released in Poor Health Following Abuse in Jail - RFA
26 February | Initially detained for five months in Machu county, Lobsang was shackled and “severely beaten and tortured by authorities,” Demjong said, adding that Lobsang later suffered “persistent” torture after being moved to a jail in the provincial capital Lanzhou.

‘Absurd and terrifying’ new regulations escalate drive to criminalize self-immolations by targeting family, villagers, monasteries - ICT
24 February | The 16-point document was issued in Tibetan and Chinese on April 8, 2013 by Dzoege county government in Ngaba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, but has only just been received by Tibetans in exile due to a deepening crackdown in the area including more systematic measures to block information flow.

China denounces appointment of U.S. special coordinator on Tibet - Reuters
24 February | China’s foreign ministry claims China will never recognize the United States' appointment of special coordinator for Tibetan issues Sarah Sewall, saying it opposes any foreign intervention in its internal affairs.

Obama voices support for Tibetan human rights - Al Jazeera
21 February | The talks between Obama and the Dalai Lama came despite China's call for the US to scrap plans for the meeting, warning it would "seriously damage" ties between the two countries. The White House said that Obama supported the Dalai Lama's path of peaceful dialogue and encouraged China to resume long-stalled talks with the exiled leader or his representatives.

On China Transcript: Journalism - CNN
19 February | In China, the rules are different, with entire regions off limits to reporters, and entire topics, taboo. In their quest to get the story and to shed light on the truth, journalists face harassment and even violence.

Opinion and Analysis
Flames in Tibet: Five Years of Resistance - International Tibet Network
26 February | Five years after Tapey’s protest at least 127 Tibetans, young and old, men and women, have lit their bodies on fire across Tibet, calling for freedom and of their wish to bring the Dalai Lama home. The vast majority have lost their lives.

Why Was the Dalai Lama Hanging Out with the Right-Wing American Enterprise Institute? - Vanity Fair
26 February | David Rose investigates “What was the Dalai Lama doing for two days among free-marketeers and capitalist-roaders at a fabled conservative think tank?”

China's Top Political Advisor Woos Spanish Senate to Ensure End of Tibet Lawsuit - Huffington Post
25 February | Rebecca Novick writes, “Although approved by a very narrow margin (16 out of 342) in Spain's lower house, the bill could see the shelving of as many as a dozen high profile Spanish-led international cases involving genocide, torture and war crimes, including investigations of the US military over allegations of torture at Guantanamo Bay.”

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