Friday, April 19, 2013

Week Ending April 19, 2013

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 19 April 2013

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet
Tibetan self-immolator Phagmo Dhondup dies - Phayul
18 April | Phagmo Dhondup (20s) self-immolated on 24 February and has passed away due to his injuries after receiving treatment at hospital in Siling for over a month.

Tibetan students jailed for defending language rights - RFA
17 April | Eight Tibetan students from Chabcha were given prison terms of up to four years for their roles in protesting the right to use Tibetan language.

20 year old mother dies after setting herself alight - Free Tibet
16 April | Jugtso/Chugsto (20) mother of one, self-immolated and died in Ngaba on April 16.

Thousands gather after young Tibetan mother self-immolates - RFA
16 April | Chugtso’s family was pressured by Chinese authorities to cremate her body in the night, and thousands of monks and villagers gathered at her family home.

Uni under fire for pulling pin on Dalai Lama event - ABC News
18 April | University of Sydney faces protests and petitions after cancelling an event with the Dalai Lama, presumably due to Chinese pressure.

Sydney University criticised for blocking Dalai Lama visit - Guardian
18 April | A talk by the Dalai Lama moved off campus; University accused of bowing to China.

First Tibetan Womens Soccer Team Blazes a Trail - VOA
18 April | 27 young women from across the Tibetan diaspora successfully formed the first Tibetan Womens Soccer Team with American coach Cassie Childers.

Exiled Tibetans in Dharamshala express solidarity with self-immolators - NewsTrack India
18 April | TYC held a candlelight vigil to express solidarity with Tibetans who have self immolated themselves in protest against repressive Chinese rule in Tibet.

After failed self-immolation, Tibetan says ‘I won’t repeat it’ - Religion News
18 April | Dawa Dhondup (30) attempted self-immolation in Dharamsala, India, but we stopped by locals and police. He is recovering from kerosene poisioning.

Tibetan Buddhist monk prays for Boston Marathon victims - Boston Globe
17 April | Geshe Tenley, a monk from the Kurukulla Center for Tibetan Buddhist Studies in Medford, pays his respects and pray at the memorial at Boylston and Berkeley Streets.

Opinion and Analysis
Challenge China to Free Tibetans - Wall Street Journal
18 April | US Commissioners for International Religious Freedom Elliott Abraams and Azizah Al-Hibri write that Xi Jinping must open Tibet to religious freedom to stop self-immolations.

Tibetans turn to alternative protest as self-immolations prove futile - Time
17 April | Tibetans emphasize lhakar as an alternative way to protect Tibetan culture and prevent sinification and globalization in Tibet and in exile communities.

China makes inroads in Nepal, and stanches Tibetan presence - NY Times
13 April | Nepalese authorities, under pressure from China, try to stop Tibetan political activities and highly restrict Tibetans travelling across borders.