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Week Ending 28 March, 2014

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 28 March 2014

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet
Six More Monks Detained in Tibet's Sog County - RFA
26 March | Four were taken into custody on unknown charges, while two others were seized in connection with the painting of independence slogans and mailing of “anti-China” writings to local officials in Sog county in the TAR’s Nagchu prefecture.

Tibetan Self-Immolation Protesters Die of Their Burns - RFA
25 March | Lobsang Palden (20) and Jigme Tenzin (29), who self-immolated in Ngaba and Tsekhog on March 16, have both passed away from their injuries.

Tibetan political prisoner on ‘medical parole’ dies of torture injuries - TCHRD
21 March | Four months later, on 19 March 2014, when Goshul Lobsang died, it hardly surprised his family and friends given his extreme health condition. Goshul Lobsang spent a little over three years of his 12-year sentence in prison before his release on ‘medical parole’; He suffered intensely from multiple injuries, clearly from having been tortured.

Michelle Obama generates Internet comment after Tibetan lunch - Reuters
26 March | Michelle Obama and her daughters ate yak meat pie, boiled yak ribs, bread made with barley and yak butter tea. The Tibetan restaurant was chosen because of the first lady's interest in the rights of minorities in China, a member of Obama's staff said.

Spectacular action: Friends of Dhondup Wangchen inside Tibet thank supporters worldwide for taking action - Unchain The Truth
25 March | The photo shows an installation of “freedom birds” along with a hand drawn banner saying “Thank You” to supporters of Dhondup Wangchen around the world for taking action for his safe return. The photo may document the first action ever in front of a prison or labour camp where Tibetan political prisoners are being held.

Chinese Man, Ostensibly From an NGO, Barred From UN Human Rights Hearing - NY Times
24 March | Some Chinese groups listed as nongovernmental organizations are in fact actively working to promote the Communist government’s political goals and may spy on people that Beijing considers hostile to its interests.

Opinion and Analysis
China: EU Leaders Should Confront Xi on Rights - Human Rights Watch
27 March | The EU’s leaders should publicly raise concerns about the shrinking space for rights advocates in China with President Xi Jinping, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commission president, and Herman Van Rompuy, the European Council president.

How Britain, Tibet and China actually chalked out claim lines at the 1914 Simla conference - Economic Times
27 March | From October 1913 to July 1914, the Simla 'conference' deliberated on two themes - the status ('autonomy under suzerainty of China') and the limits of Tibet. Though China prioritised settlement of the political status of Tibet, by November 24, 1913 communication had been received from the Chinese government authorising Chen to discuss territorial limits of Tibet.

Campaign gets personal for Tibet party chief - VOA
24 March | The party chief in TAR, Chen Quanguo, has begun meeting and exchanging letters with monks from restive areas, especially Driru County, the site of several anti-Beijing protests in recent years. While a military presence continues in the restive areas, analysts say Chen appears to be engaged in a more personal approach to dealing with unrest.

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