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Week Ending January 18, 2013

Week Ending January 18, 2013

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet

Self-immolation at Khyungchu, Ngaba in northeastern Tibet - CTA18 January | Tsering Phuntsok, a father of two children, set himself on fire around 3:15pm local time in Ngaba. He has passed away and monks are performing prayers.

Tibet continues to burn; Second self-immolation in the new year - Phayul 18 January | Reports suggest Tsering Phuntsok’s body was seized by Chinese police.

As Tibet Burns, China Makes Arrests, Seizes TVs - Time18 January | Self-immolation has become criminalized, mourners and friends are detained, and Chinese authorities are forcibly taking televisions and satellite devices from Tibetans.

Chinese police arrest seven ‘abetters’ after Tibetan man’s self-immolation - The Guardian16 January | Chinese police blame TYC for Sangye Gyatso’s self-immolation in October.

Fifteen Held Over Burnings - Radio Free Asia16 January | Fifteen Tibetans have been detained and accused of ‘inciting’ and publicizing the recent wave of self-immolations.

Tibetan woman self-immolated in Beijing last year - Phayul14 January | Passang Lhamo (62) self-immolated in Beijing to protest illegal land-grabbing.

Fiery Start to New Year - Radio Free Asia12 January | Tsebey, a teenager from Keynang village, set himself on fire and passed away in Achok township. His protest was the first reported self-immolation in 2013.


Police Block Funeral Rites - Radio Free Asia15 January | Chinese police refused to allow Tsebey’s family to perform traditional funeral rites, instead forcing his body to be cremated immediately.

Reports, Opinion, and Analysis

Revisiting the ‘Tenzingang incident’ after the Delhi rape/murder case - Tibetan Political Review
18 January | Exploring the progress of gender equality in Tibetan society and re-examining the government and community reactions to the ‘Tenzingang incident’ of a woman’s public beating and forced donations after a case of adultery.

TCHRD releases 2012 annual report on human rights situation in Tibet - TCHRD 17 January | Human rights conditions “hit a new low” in 2012 as the number of self-immolations drastically increased and Tibetans took great risks to pass information to outside organizations and media. This report analyses the impact of the ‘persistent, long-term oppression’ inside Tibet.

Religious Repression in Tibet in 2012 - TCHRD17 January | A special report released by TCHRD investigates the political context for religious repression inside Tibet, with details and statistics of cases. Viewable as PDF.

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