Friday, January 25, 2013

Week Ending January 25, 2013

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 25 Jan 2013

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet

China arrests Tibetan in new tactic against self-immolation - TV NZ25 January | A Tibetan man who studied in exile in India, Phagpa (27), has been arrested on charges of inciting a Tibetan monk to commit self-immolation.

Teen Tibetan dies before self-immolations protest; Leaves note for the Dalai Lama’s return - Phayul24 January | Jigjey Kyab (17) intended to self-immolate but died of kerosene poisoning before being able to set himself alight near a busy intersection in Luchu region.

Tibetan Man Dies After Self Immolation - VOA22 January | Kunchok Kyab (23) set himself ablaze in Bora township near Labrang monastery, and passed away from his injuries. Chinese officials seized his body.

Tibetans challenge China’s dictat, To hold public prayer service for self-immolator - Phayul23 January | Tibetans in the Bora region will hold a public funeral prayer sit-in at the Chinese government offices as they seek information on the whereabouts of Kunchok Kyab’s body.

Tibetans fight back against declining “reverence for nature” - China Dialogue24 January | An NGO staff group goes in search of ordinary Tibetans taking action to protect the environment.

China’s latest restriction for Tibetans: No passports - Washington Post23 January | Tibetan rights groups say that Chinese authorities have not issued any new passports to Tibetans living in the Tibetan autonomous region for almost a year.

Monks self-censoring about self-immolation - The Globe and Mail22 January | Foreign reporters travel to Kangding to speak with monastics about the recent wave of self-immolations.

Opinion and Analysis

Tsering Kyi speaks about her nephew’s self-immolation - Youtube24 January | Blogger Tsering Kyi speaks to Al-Jazeera’s The Stream about her brother’s son Tsering Tashi who self-immolated January 12.

Notes From A Trip Back to Lhasa -  High Peaks Pure Earth22 January | A translation of Woeser’s description of her trip from Beijing to Lhasa and the difficulties her group faced along the way as Tibetans.

China, Tibet, and Religious Oppression -  Council on Foreign Relations17 January | Ellen Bork, Director of Democracy and Human Rights at the Foreign Policy Initiative, leads a conference-call conversation on religious oppression inside Tibet.

On Fire I Will Burn -  Truthdig15 January | Bhuchung Sonam addresses the failures of Chinese policies in Tibet, with forced nomad resettlement, removing Tibetan language from schools, and restrictions on Buddhism as major factors leading Tibetans to self-immolate.

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