Friday, January 11, 2013

Week Ending January 11, 2013

Week Ending January 11, 2013

Protests and Restrictions in Tibet

Tibetan Language Classes Closed - Radio Free Asia 10 January | Chinese authorities forcibly cancel classes on Tibetan language and culture provided by volunteers to students during winter break.

China plans information blackout in eastern Tibet - Phayul 10 January | Hundreds of satellite dishes and equipment was seized and burned and Tibetans are subject to pay fines for listening to Radio Free Asia and Voice of America.

Official stresses patriotism among monks - Global Times 8 January | A senior Chinese official calls on Buddhist monks and nuns to be ‘patriotic’ by following the rule of law for a ‘unified and strong motherland’.

Legal Daily report on mass incidents in China in 2012 - Dan Wei
6 January | A quantitative study on mass riots, civil unrest, and protest incidents in China in the past year. Methods behind the study have yet to be detailed.

Enforced Disappearance of Three Tibetan Monks Following Arrests - Reporters Without Borders
4 January | Sungrab Gyatso, Yeshi Sangpo, and Draksang from Khyamru Monastery were arrested in early December in Chabcha and their condition and whereabouts are currently unknown.,43860.html

Opinion and Analysis

WHY LHAKAR MATTERS: The Elements of Tibetan Freedom - Tibetan Political Review
10 January | Tendor writes about the imperative to keep the future of Lhakar, a grassroots Tibetan cultural resistance movement, open and adaptable.

Tang Danhong: Fire Between Dark and Cold - China Digital Times
9 January | Chinese poet Tang Danhong empathetically explores the relationship between the ongoing occupation of Tibet and the determination of the Tibetan protestors who self-immolate.

Lhakar: proud to be Tibetan - Open Democracy
7 January | Fiona McConnell and Tenzin Tsering trace the emergence of Lhakar and the role of music, arts, and literature.

A Chinese Voice in the Wilderness: Breaking the Silence on Tibetan Self-immolations - Democracy Digest
31 December | Tenzin Palkyi and Louisa Greve write on a touchpoint of solidarity reached between Han Chinese intellectuals and Tibetans with regard to the self-immolations.

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