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Week Ending December 6, 2013

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 6 December 2013

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet
Tibetan father of two sets fire to himself in Ngaba - ICT
4 December | Konchok Tseten (30 yrs old) self-immolated in Meruma, Ngaba on 3 Decemebr. He later died from his burns and was cremated by authorities.

Tibetan monk from Dhingri arrested in Lhasa - Phayul
5 December | A monk of Shelkar Choede monastery in Dhingri in southwestern Tibet has been arrested in Lhasa on Nov. 29 for being in possession of an image of the Tibetan national flag in his cell phone.

Tibetan writer and eight other jailed in Driru - RFA
3 December | A Chinese court has ordered nine Tibetans jailed for “anti-state” activities in the wake of widespread actions in a county in Tibet resisting orders to fly the Chinese national flag, sources said.

For coverage of UK PM David Cameron’s visit to China, please see:

Tibetan immolations: Desperation as world looks away - BBC
2 December | Damian Grammaticas reports from inside Tibet on the surveillance and restrictions on ordinary Tibetans’ way of life.

Joe Biden urges Chinese students to challenge the status quo - NBC
4 December | The US vice president seemed to be alluding to the authoritarian rule of China's government as he described a liberal and permissive intellectual culture in the United States.

Opinion and Analysis

David Cameron in China: Statesman or Salesman? - Huffington Post

5 December | Eleanor Byrne-Rosengren, Director of Free Tibet, writes, “As Mr Cameron was still in the country, Tibetan nomad Kunchok Tseten set himself alight in protest against China's rule.”

Hack Tibet - Foreign Policy

4 December | Jonathan Kaiman reports on cyber security, malware, and risks to Tibetan society from Dharamsala, India, “ground zero in China’s cyberwar”.

China needs to change view of Tibet - Asia Times
4 December | Abanti Bhattacharya writes, “China's flawed perception on Tibet both colors and distorts its relationship with India.”

Burning for the Buddha - Tricycle
2 December | James Benn writes “Generally considered antithetical to Buddhism's Middle Way, self-immolation has a long and surprising history in scripture and practice.”

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