Thursday, December 5, 2013

David Cameron in China

David Cameron in China: News & Analysis - December 2 to 4


Britain wins little reward from China in retreat on Tibet - Financial Times

1 December | Britain has “sold the store”, “surrendered” and “totally capitulated” in its efforts to get back into the good graces of the Chinese leadership, in the words of several senior Beijing-based diplomats from Asia and Europe.

David Cameron hits back at accusations of cronyism on China trade trip - Telegraph

2 December | The Prime Minister argues he is 'absolutely right' to have his father-in-law as one of the business delegates accompanying him on his three day trip to China.

David Cameron has his price: the Dalai Lama or ‘the global race’? - Spectator

2 December | Douglas Murray writes, “...while this government is not unbothered by human rights abuses it does regard them as a luxury.  If there is a cost to highlighting such abuses then they are negotiable.”

During the Visit

British Prime Minister David Cameron backs China to 'realise its dream' - SCMP

2 December | As British prime minister agrees wide-ranging business deals in Beijing, he says two countries can 'help each other succeed in the global race'.

David Cameron calls for China investment in UK’s HS2 - Financial Times

3 December | David Cameron has opened the door to Chinese investment in the High Speed 2 rail line from London to the north.

David Cameron protests to Chinese president after UK journalist barred - The Guardian

3 December | PM interrupts discussions with Xi Jinping to express unease over Bloomberg reporter excluded from press conference.

China's Global Times' Slams Britain As An 'Old European Country' Amid David Cameron Visit - Huffington Post

3 December | "The Cameron administration should acknowledge that the UK is not a big power in the eyes of the Chinese. It is just an old European country apt for travel and study," the paper's editors wrote.


David Cameron in China: Statesman or Salesman? - Huffington Post

5 December | Eleanor Byrne-Rosengren, Director of Free Tibet, writes, “As Mr Cameron was still in the country, Tibetan nomad Kunchok Tseten set himself alight in protest against China's rule - the most recent of more than 120 Tibetans to do so since Mr Cameron last visited the People's Republic.”

David Cameron defends China trade mission - BBC

3 December | British Prime Minister David Cameron has defended his trade mission to China after criticism in the Chinese media.

David Cameron’s craven surrender to China follows a pattern - Spectator Blog

3 December | Jonathan Mirsky writes, “Mr Cameron praised China’s top leaders for setting a clear goal: comprehensive reform, including issues such as ‘the judicial protection of human rights…’ This will come as news, if he ever hears these words, to Liu Xiaobo, China’s only-ever Nobel Peace Prize winner, now serving an eleven-year sentence for calling for democracy”

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