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Week Ending August 9, 2013

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 9 August 2013

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet
Tibetan monk dies after self-immolation in Kathmandu, Nepal - ICT
7 August | A 38-year old monk called Karma Ngedon Gyatso died after setting himself on fire at the Boudha stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tibetan monk dies after setting himself on fire in Nepal in apparent protest against China - Washington Post
6 August | Since a self-immolation in February, Nepalese authorities have stepped up patrols in areas of Katmandu where Tibetan refugees live to try to stop any similar protests.

Tibetan Sets Himself On Fire At Buddhist Shrine - RFA
6 August | Eyewitnesses and police say the man set himself on fire early Tuesday near Kathmandu's Boudhanath Stupa, one of Tibetan Buddhism's holiest sites and the site of a self-immolation earlier this year.

Tibetan writer and four others sentenced to more than 5 years in prison - TCHRD
7 August | On 1 August 2013, the County People’s Court in Nyagchu County sentenced the writer, Gangkye Drupa Kyab, to five years and six months in prison for alleged political activities. Four other Tibetan men were also sentenced.

Tibetan singer arrested for political concert - Phayul
8 August | Public Security Bureau officials from Sichuan County arrested singer Kalsang Yarphel in Lhasa on July 14 this year and took him to Chengdu, Sichuan Province, where he is currently held under detention.

China rejects Dalai Lama's demand for greater autonomy - Economic Times
6 August | China today rejected the Dalai Lama's demand for a "high degree of autonomy" for Tibet saying it went against the Chinese Constitution and the "fundamental interests of Tibetan Buddhism".

Tibet activists blocade InterContinental London Westminster hotel - Caterer and Hotelkeeper
5 August | Activists blocked the entrance to the five-star, 256-bedroom hotel with a double bed in protest against plans by InterContinental Hotels (IHG) to build a luxury hotel in occupied Lhasa, Tibet. In the bed, activists wearing masks of Richard Solomons, chief executive of IHG, and Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, exchanged money bags, while the slogan on the sheet declared IHG: selling out Tibet.

Opinion and Analysis
Conquering Tibet’s Five Fingers - Epoch Times
6 August | Maura Monyihan explains how China seeks to dominate south Asia while ending Tibetan resistance.

Ancestors Tomb: ‘My mother was a maidservant of the Communist Party’ - TCHRD
6 August | Ancestors’ Tomb is replete with accounts of unaddressed grievances and unfulfilled aspirations, at once personal and yet political, as is demonstrated by the tortured body of the author’s mother and her legacy to her son of a wounded heart, both bearing witness to brutalities bygone and present.

A Fake Potala and A Fake History - Tibetan Political Review
5 August | TPR Editorial Board asks, “If history is not only alive but also ever-present, the question becomes: how should history be treated? Is history the sacred identity of an ancient people? Is history a political tool? Is history enduring, or will it break if it is twisted too much?”

The Price of Made in China - NYTimes
5 August | Peter Navarro writes, “Buying “Made in China” — whether steel for our bridges or dolls for our children — entails large costs that most consumers and, sadly, even our leaders don’t consider when making purchases.”

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