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Week Ending August 16, 2013

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 16 August 2013

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet
Livestock 'Indiscriminately' Killed in Tibet Amid Fears of Disease - RFA
14 August | Local herders objected to the “indiscriminate killing of livestock” and argued that if a disease had spread among the herds, authorities should separate the affected animals from those who were still healthy, a source said.

Four Tibetan Monks Released From Labour Camp - RFA
13 August | Lobsang Nyima, Lobsang Samten, Sonam Gewa, and Tenzin Sherab were released from a re-education through labor facility after allegedly being tortured.

Tibet Monks Released After Torture, Forced Prison Labor - Tibetan Review
15 August | Four Tibetans given administrative jail sentences in Yushu Prefecture of Qinghai Province for protesting against or criticizing Chinese rule in Tibet have spoken of having been tortured and subjected to forced labour before their recent release just months earlier than their due dates.

Very strong and dangerous shallow earthquake in Tibet, China – 87 injured people and a lot of damage (both residential and infrastructure) - Earthquake Report
14 August | A 5.8 earthquake struck near Markham on 11 August. In addition to the more than 200 collapsed houses, approx. 45000 rooms were damaged in various extent. Also the infrastructure suffered severe damage. Hundreds of kilometers of roads were damaged or blocked my more than 100 landslides, whick were triggered by the quake. Water supply was also affected.

Dalai Lama’s Chinese Website Hacked and Infected - BBC
13 August | Kaspersky says the CTA website has been under constant attack from the same group of hackers since 2011, but previous breaches have been quietly identified and repaired before attracting significant attention.

Opinion and Analysis
Tibet opens up as new domestic tax haven - Financial Times
11 August | The government of Shannan prefecture, which lies in Tibet between Lhasa and the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, has started offering generous tax breaks and other sweeteners in an attempt to make itself a home for private equity funds and investment companies.

Transforming A Monastery Into A Museum - ICT
8 August | A set of three recent pictures shared by Tibetans on the Chinese social media site Weibo reflect how poorly Tibetan language and culture are faring in Kumbum monastery.

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