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Week Ending June 20, 2014

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 20 June 2014

Self-Immolations, Protest and Restrictions in Tibet
Tibetan writers Jangtse Donkho and Buddha released from prison - TCHRD
20 June | Two Tibetan writers, Jangtse Donkho (pen name: Nyen/”The Wrathful”) and Buddha were released earlier today on 20 June 2014 after serving four years in Mianyang Prison in Sichuan Province.
Tibetans Held for Opposing Chinese Marble Mining Operations - RFA
18 June | Authorities in northwest China’s Qinghai province have detained 27 Tibetans for opposing Chinese mining operations that had run beyond the expiration of a leasing contract and had begun to encroach on sacred sites, sources said.
Chinese Authorities Release Tibetan Singer Who Sought Language Protection - RFA
17 June | Chinese authorities in Sichuan have freed on bail a Tibetan singer detained last month for singing a song calling for the protection of the Tibetan language, at the same time releasing a Tibetan monk jailed for three years for protesting Chinese rule, sources said.

China Expands Crackdown on Free Expression - VOA News
19 June | China's Communist Party crackdown on dissent and freedom of expression appears to be intensifying. Party officials this week issued several rulings against civil activist and announced new regulations that bar reporters from writing critical news stories without approval.
Spanish parliamentarians make formal appeal against unconstitutional change in law following Tibet lawsuits – ICT
June 13 | Spanish Parliamentarians issued an appeal today to the Constitutional Court in Madrid, declaring that a change in Spanish law in response to Chinese pressure over two Tibet lawsuits was illegal and unconstitutional.

David Cameron must stand up to China and support Human rights in Tibet - Guardian
June 16 | Tibet support groups in UK expressing their concerns ahead of Chinese Premier Li Keiqiang visit.

The Tibet Advocacy Coalition held a side event during the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva and called China out over its treatment of Tibetan, Uyghur and Han human rights defenders - International Tibet Network
19 June | As the next step in our strategic engagement at the UN, the Tibet Advocacy Coalition (Tibet Justice Center, Students for a Free Tibet and International Tibet Network) gathered a stellar group of speakers at a side event at the 26th regular session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in collaboration with the World Uyghur Congress and Initiatives for China, to draw attention to deteriorating situation for human rights defenders2 under Chinese rule, and to add further weight to there being concrete, multilateral action by states towards China on Tibet.

Opinion and Analysis
Communist party deepens Tibet integration rest country - Ecomonist
June 20 | The editorial from economist discusses about the railway link projects China is carrying out to extract the natural resources from the Tibet and the impact it will have on the Tibetans. It notes “if all goes to plan, the extraction of natural resources will generate economic growth. The party values Tibet’s minerals reserves at 600 billion yuan ($96 billion).”

Chinese put Britain in its place ahead of Li keiqiang visit - Guardian
June 15 | In this post, Nicholas Watt examines the shift in power and the influence that China has over other countries through economic relations. He says “all sides seem resigned to acknowledge the overwhelming economic might of China. Perhaps change might come from the very top: the Prince of Wales once appeared to boycott a state banquet for the former president Jiang Zemin, allegedly in protest at the treatment of Dalai Lama.”

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