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Week Ending May 23, 2014

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 23 May 2014

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet
China Threatens Closure of Tibetan Nomad Childrens School- RFA
22 May | Authorities are threatening to close a school catering to Tibetan nomad children, saying that its operation has interfered with government plans to move the nomads off their pastoral lands. The authorities issued a “second warning” this week to local officials in Tsokyareng town in Golog prefecture’s Matoe county demanding that the school be closed.

Authorities Concerned Over Popular Tibetan Language, Religious Classes- RFA
21 May | Taught by monks and nuns led by senior religious teachers of Kardze monastery who had returned to the area after studying in India, “the program has become very popular in the community, and on special auspicious days the lay students have participated in religious debates,” a source said.

Uncle of Tibetan Who Jumped to Death in Mining Protest is Detained - RFA
21 May | Jampa Choephel was taken into custody on May 12 by police in Chamdo prefecture of the TAR, five days after his nephew committed suicide to highlight opposition to a gold mining project threatening the local environment, a Tibetan resident of the area said.

Golog Jigme Gyatso Arrives in Dharamsala - VOA
23 May | Golog Jigme Gyatso, who was imprisoned by Chinese authorities for his role in making a film in 2008 and has been on the run since his release two years ago, arrived in Dharamsala, India on May 18th. Jigme is being congratulated and welcomed for his safe passage by the Associations and NGOs in the exile Tibetan capital.

Danish parliamentarians support non-violent struggle for Tibet - The Tibet Post
22 May | During their meeting with the Sikyong Lobsang Sangay, a group of Danish parliamentarians unanimously expressed their support for the Tibetan people in their just and non-violent struggle for genuine self-rule.

4 Years After Quake, Some See a Resurrected Chinese City, Others Dashed Dreams - NY Times
21 May | After a 2010 earthquake that left more than 100,000 people homeless in Yushu, the capital of Qinghai, Chinese efforts to rebuild the city have been incomplete and, many say, inequitable. [video]

Tibet Jacket leads to arrest of American and Canadian citizens - Phayul
21 May | Ngodup Tsering, a Tibetan American resident of Minnesota, and his friend were visiting the Swayambhunath temple on March 19, 2014 when 15 Nepalese police armed with guns stopped them.

Opinion and Analysis
“The Impact of the So-Called Ten Virtues” by Jamyang Kyi - High Peaks, Pure Earth
22 May | High Peaks Pure Earth has translated a blogpost by Jamyang Kyi that is a piece of critical social commentary about the new “Ten Virtues”, a set of new Buddhist virtues that whole villages and towns, influenced by their local lamas, are committing to.

Should China Declare a War on Terror? - Foreign Policy
22 May | Beijing's war on terror may be better served through liberalizing in Xinjiang, rather than the repression and violence that characterizes its current strategy. Responding to this latest attack, Xi called for serious punishments for the perpetrators and an all out-effort to maintain stability in the region -- language similiar to Beijing's response to previous attacks.

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