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Week Ending Februrary 14, 2014

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 14 February 2014

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet
New rules to prevent Tibetan burning protests in Sichuan County - RFA
13 February | Family members of Tibetans who self-immolate to protest Chinese rule must be deprived of government aid and employment opportunities and cannot hold any senior village or township level positions, and they have to return all state financial aid; the villages where the self-immolation protests occur must be completely deprived of government assistance, according to a document containing the measures introduced in Dzoege county in the Ngaba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

Young Tibetans in Restive Prefecture Detained for Independence Call - RFA
12 February | Chinese police in a restive Tibetan prefecture have taken into custody four monks and seven other young Tibetans accused of making public calls for Tibetan independence from Chinese rule.

Hundreds of Tibetans gather in third peaceful protest for imprisoned Tibetan lama - ICT
10 February | A huge crowd of hundreds of Tibetans gathered peacefully at a prayer festival in eastern Tibet last week to call for the release of respected Tibetan lama Khenpo Kartse who was imprisoned in December and may face criminal charges.

Tibetan man 'tortured' to death in custody - Phayul
7 February | Kunchok Dhakpa in his 20’s from Chana town in Driru was detained last year for allegedly leading one of the year’s largest protests against Chinese mining activities at the sacred Naglha Dzamba Mountain in Driru County. He was subjected to torture and later succumbed to injuries sustained from torture in prison.

Tibetan Activist-Monk Says Spain Bowed to Chinese Pressure Over Rights Law - Time
12 February | Thubten Wangchen, one of the Tibetan monks who have been pushing the case through Spanish courts, said, “If the Spanish government changes the law at the request of China, then that means it is China which is in charge in Spain. If the law changes it would be shameful for the Chinese government.”

This woman is the voice of Tibet for China and the world - PRI
11 February | Listen & read: “When a 29 year-old Tibetan man set himself on fire earlier this month to protest Chinese rule there, he was among more than 100 who have chosen this form of protest. And the world might not have heard of them except for the writing of Tsering Woeser.”

Obama could do more to make religious freedom a key objective of US foreign policy - TCHRD
8 February | Max Baucus was confirmed as the new Ambassador to China from the United States, and TCHRD recommends President Obama to nominate a new ambassador at large for international religious freedom, and also ensure that the Office of Religious Freedom has the support it needs at the State Department to promote and protect religious freedom internationally.

Opinion and Analysis
Are ethnic tensions on the rise in China? - China File
13 February | Enze Han, James Palmer, Robert Barnett, Nicholas Bequelin, and James Milward analyze the tensions between China’s ethnic minorities and Xi Jinping’s leadership and cadre.

Spanish parliament ruling following arrest warrants for Chinese leaders ‘should be of concern to all European citizens’ - ICT
13 February | “The new and very alarming element is that now China, an authoritarian government, is able to directly request, and obtain, changes to the national legislation of a major European democracy such as Spain. The sooner democrats and citizens of the world realize and act to counter these developments, the better it would be for our future.” -Matteo Mecacci

Dharma Kings: Recalling the Tibetan Empire Era - TPR
8 February | TPR’s Editorial Board write, “Tibet was one of the great empires in Central Asia from the Seventh to Ninth Centuries, had diplomatic relations and signed treaties with several neighboring kingdoms and empires, and even briefly occupied the ancient Chinese capital of Xi’an. From this period Tibetans remember the three great Dharma Kings.”

Backstory to the 13th Dalai Lama’s declaration of independence - Phayul
7 February | Jamyang Norbu writes about “the events and personalities that contributed to the creation of an independent Tibet in 1912/13” in hopes that readers will “gain a dynamic new understanding of this revolutionary document and an appreciation of those memorable people who struggled for its realization”.

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