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Week Ending January 17, 2014

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 17 January 2014

Protests, Restrictions, Releases in Tibet
Action: Release Khenpo Kartse Now - International Tibet Network
17 January | On 6th December 2013, Chinese authorities arrested a highly respected Buddhist Abbot, Khenpo Kartse, for allegedly "endangering state security." Khenpo is well known in the community for promoting unity, language rights and culture amongst the Tibetan people. A futher sixteen monks were also detained for peacefully protesting for his immediate release. Take Action NOW! Urge Liu Zhiqiang, Director of Qinghai Province Public Security Bureau, to immediate release Khenpo Kartse and the sixteen monks.

Residents Rally for Detained Tibetan Monk in China - ABC News
16 January | Hundreds of residents and monks in western China's Qinghai province gathered in front of a jail this week in a rare rally to demand the release of a highly respected Tibetan monk, a Tibetan writer and a local person said Thursday.

Tibetan writer Kunga Tsayang released from prison after 5 years - TCHRD
15 January | Writer, essayist, blogger, chronicler, environmentalist and amateur photographer Kunga Tsayang has been released after serving almost five years’ of imprisonment for allegedly writing political essays criticizing Chinese policies in Tibet.

China media: Tibetan blaze probe - BBC
15 January | On Monday, the Shangri-la county government told a news briefing that a guesthouse operator setting her window curtains alight in an electrical accident was the initial cause of the fire, the Beijing Times said. But four hours later, the deputy police chief of Deqen prefecture, which governs Shangri-la, held an emergency press conference to say the cause of the fire was still under investigation.

Congress funds again Tibet programs in 2014 spending bill - ITC
15 January | The U.S. Congress continued its steady support for Tibet through the provision of approximately $19 million for Tibet programs through the Consolidated Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2014. The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the bill on January 15, and the Senate soon thereafter.

Opinion and Analysis
Chinese-Flag-Resisting Driru County Keeps Tibetan Struggle Alive - RFA
15 January | Driru, a Tibetan county that has attracted global attention for waging a persistent struggle against a Chinese campaign of forced displays of loyalty, has for nearly a decade been a major center of resistance to Beijing’s rule, analysts say.

China’s Brand New, Centuries Old, Shangri-la - The Atlantic
14 January | Locals I met told me that tourism and investment had robbed Dukezong of its identity, and to find the genuine article I had to wander away from the town and into the surrounding villages, where Tibetan and Naxi people lived in basic, shabby homes.

Taking Control of Our Own Narratives: A Tibetan Writer Speaks - Huffington Post
16 January | High school student Sophia Slater interviews Tibetan writer Bhuchung D Sonam about his past, his work in exile, and what he sees as important for Tibet’s future.

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