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Week Ending October 4, 2013

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 4 October 2013

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet
Tibetan father of two sets fire to himself and dies in Ngaba - ICT
29 September | Shichung set himself on fire outside his house and ran along the road shouting in protest against the Chinese authorities before he collapsed to the ground in flames and died, according to Kirti monks in exile in Dharamsala. The monks said before he self-immolated, he lit a butter-lamp before an image of the Dalai Lama.

Tibetans clash with police over Chinese flag campaign - RFA
2 October | Tensions in Nagchu prefecture’s Driru county following the clashes last week have led to a closure of local schools and a security clampdown, with the township at the center of the protests under complete police control, sources said.

Ngaba: Remains of Tibetan self-immolator forced into river - Phayul
1 October | Local Tibetans confronted Chinese security forces numbering over 150 trying to stop Shichung’s (age 41) body from being taken away. A major confrontation was avoided, sources said, after local Tibetan elders present there calmed the situation down. However, the Chinese authorities confiscated his body and drove with it towards Ngaba County.
China’s rights record scrutinized by UN Committee - ICT
2 October | The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child reviewed China’s record, including in Tibet, as part of its compliance review under the UN Child Rights Convention on September 26 and 27, in Geneva, Switzerland. [includes link to informal transcript]

Gu Chu Sum changes its political stance to Middle Way, elects new representatives - Phayul
30 September | Members of the organization changed its original political stand of complete independence to ‘Middle Way Approach’, a political stand in line with the exile Tibetan government's policy of seeking genuine autonomy for Tibet within the framework of the People's Republic of China.

Prominent Tibetan writer released after completion of 3 year prison term - TCHRD
30 September | Jolep Dawa, the founder and editor of a Tibetan language journal called Durab Ki Nga (This Century’s Self) was released at around 9 am on 30 September 2013, after being imprisoned in Mianyang for three years on trumped up charges of “separatism”.
Tibetan writer walks out of jail after serving prison sentence - VOA
30 September | Chinese authorities have freed a prominent Tibetan writer and animal rights campaigner after he completed a three-year jail term in Sichuan province.

Opinion and Analysis
Non-refugee refugees: Tibetans’ struggles for visibility in bureaucratic India - Lhakar Diaries
2 October | Dawa writes on the contemporary obstacles and difficulties Tibetans face as they navigate bureaucratic systems in India with uncertain status.

‘Please stop your stupid nobility act, respect ethnic culture’ - High Peaks Pure Earth
1 October | Tibetan blogger Gyatso criticizes Chinese singer Sa Dingding for misusing Tibetan cultural icons and disrespecting Tibetan Buddhism.

Authorities must end their crackdown on Tibetan Buddhism - FIDH
30 September | In a joint report published for the People’s Republic of China’s second Universal Periodic Review, FIDH and ICT urge Chinese authorities to end their on-going crackdown on Tibetan Buddhism. The report highlights numerous violations of principles set in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as a result of increasingly systematic measures set by the government since 2008. [includes link to report and summary]

Ideological Crackdown Reaches the Strongholds of Reform - Jamestown Foundation
27 September | Willy Lam writes, “The Xi Jinping leadership has started an ideological movement among party members and citizens that is geared toward promoting hard-line socialist values and absolute obedience to Beijing’s edicts.”

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