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Week Ending October 18, 2013

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 18 October 2013

Protests and Restrictions in Tibet
WeChat leads to Tibetan woman’s arrest in Driru - Phayul
17 October | A Tibetan woman named Kalsang from Tsala township in Driru was arrested by Chinese police on October 11, 2013, a Tibetan source with reliable local contacts said. The Chinese police arrested her from Dejang Hotel on Nagchu highway around 11 AM last Friday.

“Please extend hospitality”: Police codes in Tibet exposed - Free Tibet
16 October | Police stations in Lhasa have been sent a notice outlining how they should monitor and control movements of Tibetans from Nagchu Prefecture, where peaceful protesters were shot and severely injured earlier this month.

New images of deepening crackdown in Nagchu, Tibet - ICT
15 October | New images show a broadening crackdown in Driru, Nagchu, Tibet Autonomous Region, and protests by local Tibetans at the detentions of a monk and young writer.

Tibetan monks march on police station to demand friend’s release - RFA
14 October | Hundreds of Tibetan monks marched to a police station in western China’s Sichuan province at the weekend to demand the release of a colleague detained for spreading word of a fatal police crackdown last week in a neighboring region.

China growth rebounds after Li stimulus to meet target: Economy - Bloomberg
18 October | China’s economic growth accelerated for the first time in three quarters, as Premier Li Keqiang spurred factory output and investment to meet the government’s expansion goal for 2013.

Tibet self-immolations: Tsering Woeser and Ai Weiwei collaborate on book - The Guardian
17 October | Tibetan poet Tsering Woeser and dissident artist Ai Weiwei have collaborated on a book about Tibetan self-immolations, attempting to explain the suicidal protests that have gripped the Himalayan region since 2009. The book, Immolations in Tibet: The Shame of the World, is written by Woeser with cover art by Ai.

In defence of truth: detained Tibetan writer’s poems translated - TCHRD
17 October | TCHRD translated two poems composed by the versatile young Tibetan writer Tsultrim Gyaltsen aka Shogdril who was detained late last week in the middle of night from his home at Tengkhar Village in Shamchu Township in Diru County, Nagchu Prefecture, TAR.

Spain to proceed with indictment of China’s ex-president - New York Times
11 October | The Spanish lawsuit was filed in 2006 by a group of exiled Tibetans and also targets other former leaders of China’s ruling Communist party, including Jiang Zemin, Mr. Hu’s predecessor as president. It was filed in Madrid because the plaintiffs also hoped to take advantage of the fact that Spain’s judiciary has long been at the forefront of efforts to apply universal jurisdiction to crimes involving human rights abuses.
China denounces Spanish court’s Tibet case against ex-president - Reuters
14 October | "We firmly oppose any country or person attempting to use this issue to interfere with China's internal affairs," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.

Opinion and Analysis
Xi Jinping’s tribute to his father seen as a bid to shore up his position - SCMP
16 October | Analysts said the flurry of activities illustrated the president's need to consolidate power by reminding people of his family's connection with the formative years of the Communist Party ahead of the party's autumn plenary session, at which leaders are expected to lay down the reform blueprint of Xi's administration.

Hu Jintao’s genocide indictment: what does it mean? - TPR
13 October | An imagined conversation between Hu Jintao and his personal secretary in Beijing, the day after his indictment in Spanish National Court for genocide.

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