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Week Ending July 19, 2013

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 19 July 2013

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet
Tibetan monk jailed 10 years, blamed for self-immolation deaths - RFA
18 July | Tsultrim Kalsang, 25, from the Zilkar Monastery in Dzatoe (in Chinese, Zaduo) county in the Yulshul (Yushu) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, was sentenced for "triple homicide" by the Intermediate People’s Court in Ziling (Xining) prefecture last week.

Casulaties of Tawu firing rise, more Tibetans shot and arrested than earlier reported -
18 July | Leading Tibetan Rights groups now put the figure to at least 14 Tibetans who were shot and injured rather than 6 as reported earlier.

More injured by gunshots than earlier reported in Tawu shootings - TCHRD
17 July | On the afternoon of 6 July armed police detained 18 Tibetans from a bridge on the foothills of Machen Pomra mountain, en route to the famous Tawu Nogen Stupa. Out of them, 14 have sustained gunshot wounds and are receiving treatment. There is no death reported yet although the injured are not out of danger.

Tibetan musician releases music video honoring self-immolations - Washington Post
18 July | Tibetan singer Jampel from the Chinese province of Sichuan has released a song and musical video titled “Patriotic Martyrs” in tribute to Tibetan self-immolations.

Devotees of imprisoned Tibetan rinpoche appeal for his release - The Tibet Post
15 July | In an open letter to the Central Government leaders of China, and relevant bodies, devotees of imprisoned leader Tenzin Delek Rinpoche,who was arrested on April 7, 2002 for his suspected involvement in a bomb blast in Chengdu city have appealed for his release and fair treatment due to his deteriorating condition.

Satellite images show entire Tibetan villages relocated under controversial Chinese program - Washington Post
18 July | Tibetan singer Jampel from the Chinese pro

Army apprehends more Chinese troops in Tibet - Deccan Herald
18 July | The Army apprehends introduction of new Chinese garrisons in Tibet as and when the new mountain strike corps and its components are raised in the next six years. The new strike corps is expected to trigger a military reaction from China in the long run.

Opinion and Analysis
‘Anything but humane’ - Tibetan exposes China from the inside - Spiegel Online
16 July | A Tibetan who once believed in the Chinese Communist Party and carved out a career within the Beijing bureaucracy has now decided to publish a damning report of China's policies in his country.

Universal Periodic Review: Hold China accountable for its failed Tibet promises - TCHRD
17 July | TCHRD released a new report, Universal Periodic Review and China’s Human Rights Record in Tibet.  The report is available to the public and will be submitted to the United Nations Special Rapporteurs for Civil and Political rights.

Fighting fear - Telegraph India
15 July | An opinion piece from Calcutta, India, explains “Beijing’s policy on Tibet relies so heavily on State violence because it is driven by fear.”

Eight losses of Tibetan drogpas due to China’s resettlement policy - TCHRD
15 July | TCHRD has translated and edited an essay by a Tibetan writer living inside Tibet who eloquently refutes Chinese assertions. The writer informs us that nomads are a proud, compassionate, honest, cultured and productive people who crafted their own independent source of living for centuries. The writer laments the losses nomads are currently suffering, including the loss of precious folk culture, because of their resettlement in urban areas.

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