Friday, February 8, 2013

Week Ending February 8, 2013

International Tibet Network News Digest & Analysis: 8 February 2013

Self-Immolations, Protests, and Restrictions in Tibet

Anti self-immolation propaganda now part of China’s ‘patriotic education’ campaign  - TCHRD8 February | A new propaganda booklet entitled “Cherish Life, Abide by Law” lists the legal consequences of inciting, instigating, or abetting self-immolation.

Six Tibetans in Gansu sentenced after protecting body of self-immolator in aggressive drive to criminalize self-immolations  - ICT7 February | International Campaign for Tibet’s updated report on 6 Tibetans’ sentences.

China cracks down on Tibet protests - The Guardian8 February | Chinese authorities have turned on friends and families of Tibetans who self-immolate, detaining them on criminal grounds.

Battling self-immolations, China makes more arrests - New York Times7 February |

China intensifies crackdown on Tibetan burnings, detains 70 - Reuters7 February | In the largest single sweep yet, authorities have detained 70 people in relation to the self-immolation protests by Tibetans. Lu Benquian blames ‘the Dalai Lama clique’.

Chinese documentary alleges US broadcaster incites Tibetan self-immolations - NBC8 February | A Chinese state media documentary targets Voice of America programs.

Self-immolations in Ganan and the Tibetan independence activists outside China - CNTV6 February | Chinese state media CCTV documentary about self-immolations in Kanhlo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in English.
VOA Denies Chinese Allegations on Tibetan Self-Immolations - VOA6 February | VOA responds to allegations that their programs encourage self-immolation.

Painful death for Tibetan man injured in police violence - TCHRD5 February | Gyerig Thar (35) succumed to his injuries after 8 months. He participated in a protest in March 2012 and suffered head injuries due to police violence at the protest site.

Other News

As Self-Immolations Near 100, Tibetans Question the Effect - New York Times2 February | Tibetans came to India’s capital last week, for the Tibetan People’s Solidarity Campaign, the four-day gathering featured protests, marches, Buddhist prayer sessions and political speeches in an attempt to push Tibet back onto a crowded international agenda.

On Tibetan New Year, Quiet Prayer Likely to Replace Celebration - Tea Leaf Nation7 February | Ongoing tensions and increased restrictions affect the celebration of the Tibetan new year holidays, Losar.

Opinion & Analysis

Discussions in the vast space between “Should” and “Should Not” - ICT5 February | High Peaks Pure Earth has posted a dialogue between an unnamed Tibetan living outside Tibet, and Wang Lixiong, a Chinese writer and activist.

Labrang monk Jayang Jinpa reflects on his daring 2008 protest - TCHRD4 February | A monk now living in exile details his involvement in protests in 2008.

China: Stop Sentencing Tibetans for “Inciting” Self-Immolations - HRW1 February | Human Rights Watch addresses the recent criminalisation of self-immolation.

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